About Sin Li-Hin

Established since 1985, Sin Li Hin is well known in the frozen food product industry for using innovative methods in perfecting tasty recipes for frozen meals and finger food. Preparation methods are also researched extensively to ensure that our customers and their families can enjoy our products at its best. With Sin Li Hin, customers get to experience the ease and convenience of ready-to-cook meals without compromising on taste and quality.

Our Methods

Research & Development

Our research team brainstorms on new recipe ideas and flavors, based on current market trends and preferences. Ideas are shortlisted and approved based on certain criteria such as nutritional value, taste variations and others.

Testing & Preparation

Our test kitchen then works on tweaking the recipes and methods of preparation to achieve the tastiest results. This process can take months to complete depending on the complexity of the recipe.

Production & Packing

Once the recipe is finalized, the production and marketing team then work together to determine different requirements such as the size and design of the packaging, etc.

Supply & Distribution

We start taking and fulfilling orders before delivering these to our clients, including supermarkets, hawker centres, among others.


Tasty Recipe Ideas

From creative preparation methods to delicious dips and sauces, the Sin Li Hin test kitchen has come up with a wide variety of interesting ways to entice your taste buds and impress your friends and family!