About Us

Established since 1985, Sin Li Hin is well known in the frozen food product industry for using innovative methods in perfecting tasty recipes for frozen meals and finger food. Preparation methods are also researched extensively to ensure that our customers and their families can enjoy our products at its best. With Sin Li Hin, customers get to experience the ease and convenience of ready-to-cook meals without compromising on taste and quality.


Our brands BIBIK’S CHOICE, EASY CHOICE and U1 are well known and beloved by Singaporeans for its quality taste and convenience, especially our breaded items which consistently live up to expectations of a crispy, flaky texture which holds to up 3 hours. 


As a HACCP and HALAL certified food producer, we believe in the continuous improvement and upgrading of our knowledge and processes to meet the changing demands and challenges of the market, delivering quick and delicious meal solutions to our customers while adhering to the highest regulatory standards.